Sometimes I write reviews. Movies, series, books, podcasts, whatever I want. They're most likely about something I'd store in my time capsule or I hated so much I had to write about it. I might even review a person if I feel like it. Nothing is safe.

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gender and sexuality

I love a good anarchist-feminist critique and I want to share my views on some hot and not so hot topics. There will be facts. There will be opinions, informed by facts and real life experience. Formal knowledge ain't the only knowledge, okay?

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capitalism hates you

Sometimes you just need to be reminded. I'll do it for free.

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I post about my own trips to different places and the tricks I've learned from my experiences traveling around this intriguing world.

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What the heck is this?

This blog started with travel. Then I threw some sexuality into the mix. Then I disappeared off the face of the internet because I was in grad school. Now I'm trying to revive this website as a way for me to cope with how COVID has ruined my life and everyone else's.

I'm not a super positive person. Some might even say I'm pessimistic. And they're right. But, I don't view it as a bad thing. I have a healthy level of negativity. This world and its structures are fucked up. Only a capitalist could be positive in a time like this. (Am I calling all positive people capitalists...maybe.) If you're annoyed or angry or sad or frustrated about any and everything, then I've got the vibe for you. If you also enjoy a snarky movie review every now and then, I've got the vibe for you too.



This blog comes from one person's perspectives on various topics. My opinions are based on my own experiences and research that I've done on experiences of myself and others. "Tits, clits, and wits" refers to things that I have and that I value. It does not mean to isolate anyone from this blog. I'm all about a rhyme and I feel some kind of way about my body, my gender identity, my sexuality, and my mind. If you come here with wits and nothing else, you're golden.